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We prepared some small games during the reception. You can have fun and experience traditional Chinese culture.

1. Collect-Point:

Take the point-card with you, then participate different activities and collect activity-points (One activity, one point). If you have taken part in all the activities and collected all the activity-points, you can enter the lucky draw and win the gifts we prepared for you.

2. Pitch-Pot:

A traditional East Asian game. Pitch the arrows into a canister in the distance with the arrowhead inside. You’ll have five arrows to throw each time. Once you pitched successfully, you would get 1 point. If the successful pitches are consecutive( We call it a combo), you’ll get higher points. Each combo add 1 point:2 combo get 2 points, 3 combo get 3 points, it is the same to 4 combo and even 5 combo! A gift will be received once you got 5 points.

3. Chinese-knot:

The Decorative handicraft art as a form of Chinese folk art in China. The knots are in red color, which traditional Chinese regards it as a color of “luck”. You will learn to produce a simple basic Chinese knot - Good luck knot. Feel free to take the handmade luck knot as a gift!

4. Paper-Cut:

One of the oldest and the most popular folk arts in China. With a pair of scissors cutting through a piece of red paper, the paper-cuttings are endowed with simple but exaggerated beauty. You’ll enjoy the process to make window paper-cuts like “double happiness”. And you can also try to design the window flowers in your free style.